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Table 1 Effectiveness assessment instruments

From: Using implementation facilitation to implement primary care mental health integration via clinical video telehealth in rural clinics: protocol for a hybrid type 2 cluster randomized stepped-wedge design

Instrument Construct
Administred only at baselinea
Socio-demographics 18 items that measure socio-economic and military characteristics
Hoge barriers assessment 14-item measure of perceived access, need, and treatment effectiveness [34]
Perceived access inventoryb 43 items that perceived access to mental health care instrument developed in a preceding research project
Readiness ruler 3 items that assess perceived readiness to seek treatment [35]
Administered at baseline and follow-up
SF-12Vc 12 items addressing overall physical and mental health functioning [31]
Patient Health Questionnaire-9d 9-item inventory that yields a continuous and dichotomous assessment of depression [32]
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT-C)d 3 items that yield a continuous and dichotomous assessment of alcohol use [33]
Miklowitz Adherence Scale 2-item medication adherence scale [36]
Pain scale Single-item participant rating of the average overall level of pain for the past week rated on a continuous scale from 0 to 10
Jenkins Sleep Scale 4-item measure that assesses trouble falling and staying asleep, and feeling tired during the daytime [37]
Prime-Screen 6-item assessment of dietary and exercise habits/behaviors [38]
Generalized anxiety Disorder 7-item 7-item inventory that yields a continuous and dichotomous assessment of generalized anxiety disorder [39]
American Psychiatric Association–Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
Severity Measure for Panic-Adult
10-item inventory that yields a continuous and dichotomous assessment of panic disorder [40]
PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 20-item inventory that yields a continuous and dichotomous assessment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) [41]
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Tobacco Use 5 items to assess current tobacco use
Client Satisfaction Questionnaire 8 items to assess client satisfaction with MH services [42]
  1. aConstructs assessed via these instruments will be used for case-mix adjustment
  2. bThe Perceived Access Inventory was developed in 2017 as the main product of another VA research project [43]
  3. cMeasures for primary effectiveness outcome
  4. dMeasures for secondary effectiveness outcomes