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Table 1 Study eligibility criteria

From: Barriers and facilitators of pediatric shared decision-making: a systematic review

  Included Excluded
Participants Healthcare providers
Parents, guardians, and/or caregivers
Children 18 years of age or younger
Adult patients (19 years and older) and individuals involved in making a decision about the health of an adult patient
Intervention SDM in the pediatric clinical context
A collaborative decision-making approach consistent with SDM
Non-SDM interventions
Hypothetical decisions
Health decisions in a non-clinical setting (e.g., schools)
Decisions about pregnancy, perinatal care (before birth)
Decisions about participation in research
Comparison All comparison groups, including none  
Outcomes Barriers and/or facilitators of SDM in pediatric clinical and/or health care practice
Note: outcomes had to be reported in the results section of the paper
All other SDM outcomes (e.g., impact of a SDM intervention)
Study methods All study designs with original data Reviews
Unpublished studies