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Table 1 Alberta Context Tool concepts

From: Hospital organizational context and delivery of evidence-based stroke care: a cross-sectional study

Concept Definition
1. Leadership* Actions of formal leaders to influence change and excellence in practice
2. Culture* Reflects a supportive work culture
3. Evaluation* Using data to assess team performance and achieve outcomes
4. Social capital Active connections among people
5. Informal interactions Information exchanges that promote transfer of knowledge
6. Formal interactions Scheduled activities that promote transfer of knowledge
7. Structural/electronic resources Elements that facilitate the ability to assess and use knowledge
Organisational slack The cushioning of resources that allows an organization to adapt to pressures for changes
 8. Staff  
 9. Space  
 10. Time  
  1. Estabrooks et al. [17]
  2. *Primary components of the PARIHS context domain