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Fig. 1

From: The Calgary Audit and Feedback Framework: a practical, evidence-informed approach for the design and implementation of socially constructed learning interventions using audit and group feedback

Fig. 1

The CPLP process from clinical question to AGFS. Physician groups bring clinical questions of interest for review by the CPLP. The CPLP team reviews the questions for appropriateness for audit and feedback. Consideration is given to impact, reach, actionability, and accessibility of the data. CPLP collaborates with data custodians to make individualized AF reports for consenting doctors. The confidential reports include individual data with anonymous peer comparators and relevant best practice information. Consenting physicians then participate in a facilitated group feedback session with their peers, led by a CPLP and/or participant facilitator. As a group, the physician peers review each aggregate data point, along with their own performance reports and seek opportunities for practice improvement

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