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Table 3 Summary of reach, dose/adoption, fidelity, context, and cost by intervention component

From: Process evaluation of Samoa’s national salt reduction strategy (MASIMA): what interventions can be successfully replicated in lower-income countries?

Domains Public awareness campaigns Community mobilization and engagement Policy and environmental changes
Salt-related regulations School nutrition standards Food industry engagement
Reach High Moderate Nila Low n/a
Dose/adoption Low Low Nila Moderate Low
Fidelity High Moderate Low High Low
Context influencing implementation Moderate Favorable Unfavorable Moderateb Unfavorable
Context influencing intervention effect Unfavorable Moderate Nila Unfavorable Unfavorable
Cost High Moderate Low Low Low
  1. aSalt-related regulations were not been passed within the duration of the project so assessment against these domains were not undertaken
  2. bNo barriers or facilitators of implementing salt standards into the school nutrition standards were identified