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Table 2 Semi-structured interview respondents

From: Process evaluation of Samoa’s national salt reduction strategy (MASIMA): what interventions can be successfully replicated in lower-income countries?

Group Interviews Detail
Ministry of Health Samoa 8 Two salt research officers and six people (Chief Executive Officer of MoH, two Assistant Chief Executive Officers of Divisions, and three principal officers) who had varying levels of involvement in the intervention.
Related health or governmental organization 7 Two staff from WHO, one from MWCSD, two from National Health Services, one from MESC, and one from Samoan Bureau of Statistics
Community leaders 6 Two educators, two television and/or radio hosts, and two youth leaders
Food industry 4 Two local food manufacturers, one catering company, and one retailer
  1. MoH Ministry of Health, Samoa, WHO World Health Organization, MWCSD Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development, MESC Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture