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Table 1 K-DPP group-session content

From: A group-based lifestyle intervention for diabetes prevention in low- and middle-income country: implementation evaluation of the Kerala Diabetes Prevention Program

Sessions Facilitate by Content
Session 1—Introductory session K-DPP team • Program description
• Participant handbook distribution
• Peer leader selection
Session 2—Diabetes Prevention Education Session (DPES1) Expert panel (specialist advisors on diabetes) • Information on type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)
• T2DM risk factors
• T2DM management
Session 3 Peer leaders • Setting ground rules
• Setting key targets
• Self-assessment
Session 4—(DPES2) Expert panel • Modifying the risk factors to prevent T2DM
Session 5 Peer leaders • Goal setting for diet and physical activity
Session 6 Peer leaders • Goal setting for tobacco and alcohol
Session 7–11 Peer leaders • Ongoing goal monitoring
• Content review
Session 12 Peer leaders • Interim evaluation of participants’ benefits
Session 13–14 Peer leaders • Ongoing goal monitoring
• Content review
Session 15 Peer leaders • Overall program evaluation
• Ongoing support