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Table 1 Number of articles per transferability type and article type/study design

From: Criteria for evaluating transferability of health interventions: a systematic review and thematic synthesis

Transferability type Number Article type/study design
Health care services 9 1 qualitative research
2 methodological papers based on empirical research
1 study protocol
5 thematic or discussion papers
Health promotion and prevention 9 2 mixed-methods studies (1 tool)
2 qualitative researches
1 review
4 methodological papers
Findings/evidence in general 8 1 qualitative research
2 reviews
1 methodological paper
4 thematic or discussion papers
Public health interventions/programs, not specified 7 1 review
1 assessment tool
3 methodological papers
2 thematic or discussion papers
Health technology/ intervention 4 3 mixed-methods studies (tools)
1 systematic review and workshops