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Table 5 Theory of planned behavior constructs among non-vaccine prescribing clinicians (n = 59)

From: Why is announcement training more effective than conversation training for introducing HPV vaccination? A theory-based investigation

M (SD)
M (SD)
 HPV vaccine is effective. 3.9 (0.9) 4.5 (0.6)*
 A clinician’s recommendation greatly increases HPV vaccination. 4.2 (0.7) 4.5 (0.7)*
Subjective norms
 HPV vaccine coverage is much lower than Tdap vaccine coverage in North Carolina. 3.8 (1.0) 4.2 (0.8)*
 Most parents think HPV vaccination is important for their 11 or 12 year olds. 3.1 (0.9) 3.3 (0.9)
Perceived behavioral controla
 When discussing HPV vaccine, I feel confident addressing parents’ concerns. 3.8 (0.6) 4.3 (0.6)*
 I know how to recommend HPV vaccine in a way that leads to vaccination. 3.7 (0.6)b 4.3 (0.6)*
  1. Note. The 5-point response scale ranged from strongly disagree (coded as 1) to strongly agree (5). Table not stratified by trial arm because they did not differ
  2. aThe items assessed self-efficacy, which is one component of perceived behavioral control
  3. bMissing data for 21 non-vaccine prescribing clinicians at pre-training due to skip pattern
  4. *p < .05