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Table 1 The Inner Setting constructs, definitions, items, and sources

From: Developing measures to assess constructs from the Inner Setting domain of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

Construct name Definition Source Items in the main survey
Culture Norms, values, and basic assumptions of a given organization Practice Adaptive Reserve Scale
(Jaen 2010) [19]
A03, A05, A07, A08, A09, A10, A22, A16, A21
 Stressb Perceived strain, stress, and role overload TCU Organizational Readiness for Change
(Lehman 2002) [20]
A36, A37, A38, A39
 Effortb How hard people in organizations work toward achieving goals Organizational Climate Measure. (Patterson 2005) [21] A40, A41, A42. A43, A44
Implementation climate-general The shared receptivity of involved individuals to an intervention and the extent to which use of that intervention will be “rewarded, supported, and expected within their organization” Community Clinical Oncology Program Survey
(Weiner, 2011) [35]
C11c, C12c, C13c
Implementation Climate Assessment
(Klein, Conn, and Sorra 2001) [31]
 Learning climate A climate in which (a) leaders express their own fallibility and need for team members’ assistance and input; (b) team members feel that they are essential, valued, and knowledgeable partners in the change process; (c) individuals feel psychologically safe to try new methods; and (d) there is sufficient time and space for reflective thinking and evaluation (in general, not just in a single implementation) Practice Adaptive Reserve
(Jaen 2010) [19]
A01, A06,A15, A19
Readiness for implementation
Tangible and immediate indicators of organizational commitment to its decision to implement an intervention, consisting of 3 sub-constructs. Implementation readiness is differentiated from implementation climate in the literature, by its inclusion of specific tangible and immediate indicators of organizational commitment to its decision to implement an intervention.
 Leadership engagement Commitment, involvement, and accountability of leaders and managers Practice Adaptive Reserve Scale
(Jaen 2010) [19]
A11, A12, A13, A14.
 Available resources The level of resources dedicated for implementation and on-going operations including money, training, education, physical space, and time ORCA
(Helfrich 2009) [42]
A35a, A35b, A35c, C20ac, C20bc, C20cc, C20dc
  1. aFrom CFIR except where noted
  2. bName and definition from the source of an item
  3. cItems asked about a specific EBA
  4. Item numbers correspond with the original survey