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Table 3 Titles of the six protocols developed by CoPs of Mexico and Nicaragua, 2013–2015

From: Evaluation of Communities of Practice performance developing implementation research to enhance maternal health decision-making in Mexico and Nicaragua

Community of practice

Protocol titles


Compliance with prenatal healthcare quality norms in the family and communitarian health units of El Ayote and Nueva Guinea in the SILAIS of Chontales


Compliance with the NOM-007-SSA2-2010 concerning prenatal control in the Health Jurisdiction of Tula, Hidalgo, in 2014

Matagalpa 1

Failures in the response to risk factors of pregnancy by prenatal control health personnel in the Salud Trinidad Guevara Health Center, Matagalpa

Matagalpa 2

Assessment of the implementation of the Plan Parto strategy for the reduction of maternal and perinatal mortality in the San José Health Center, municipality of Matigas, in 2014


Assessment of the implementation of the Alarm Signs Identification and Complications Prevention Workshops addressed to pregnant women in Morelos in 2014


Compliance with the Prenatal Control Clinical Practice Guide in health centers of Health Jurisdiction VIII of Veracruz in 2014