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Table 4 Identified system-level characteristics

From: Organizational- and system-level characteristics that influence implementation of shared decision-making and strategies to address them — a scoping review

Characteristics Descriptions# Project IDs*
 Payment model Impact of payment models on the use of SDM P2, P3, P8, P13, P15, P16, P21, P26, P31, P32
 Accreditation/certification criteria Degree to which SDM is included as a criterion in accreditation/certification standards for healthcare institutions P3
Policies and guidelines
 Legislation Degree to which state or national legislation requires the use of SDM/decision support P3, P14, P19, P21, P29
 Practice guidelines Degree to which relevant practice guidelines support the use of SDM P2, P3, P9, P26, P27, P28
 Quality indicators Degree to which quality indicators support the use of SDM P3, P8, P13, P15
Culture of healthcare delivery Degree to which the culture of healthcare delivery supports SDM P13, P14, P16, P22
HCP education and licensing Degree to which HCP initial and continuing education and licensing includes SDM training P3, P8, P10, P13, P14, P16, P23, P25, P26, P31
  1. HCPs healthcare providers, SDM shared decision-making
  2. #The descriptions are the result of the thematic analysis
  3. *For projects described in more than one publication, at least one publication had to report on a specific characteristic to be listed in this table