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Table 1 (Abstract S54). Attributes Important for Practicing Physicians’ Adoption of Innovations

From: Proceedings from the 10th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation

Matching the right patient to the right treatment
Reducing vulnerability to legal action
Lessening the risk of patients’ decisional regret
Helping you adhere to practice guidelines
Reducing patient questions
Reducing repeat visits to discuss treatment options
Increasing the practice’s reputation as offering cutting edge treatment options
Decreasing your need to refer patients to other healthcare providers
Negatively impacting your practice’s bottom line
Positively impacting your practice’s bottom line
Differentiating your practice from other specialty practices in the area
Addressing public concerns about overtreatment
Making care more patient centered
Improving patient satisfaction
Reducing demands for more aggressive care than necessary
Reducing costs of care
Improving patient outcomes
Increasing patient adherence