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Table 4 Clinic change teams

From: A randomized matched-pairs study of feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of systems consultation: a novel implementation strategy for adopting clinical guidelines for Opioid prescribing in primary care

Intervention clinic Members Composition Attendance at intervention meetings
Team 1 6 MD, NP, RN, LPN, Lab, COM 81%
Team 2 7 MD (2), RN, MA (3), Reception 88%
Team 3 8 MD (2), RN, MA (2), Reception, Lab, COA 69%
Team 4 6 MD, RN, LPN (2), Reception, COM 92%
  1. Abbreviations: COA Clinic Operations Assistant, COM Clinic Operations Manager, LPN Licensed Practical Nurse, MA Medical Assistant, MD Medical Doctor, NP Nurse Practitioner, RN Registered Nurse