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Table 2 Definitions and examples of the implementation strategies described

From: Using a multi-state Learning Community as an implementation strategy for immediate postpartum long-acting reversible contraception

Implementation Strategy Definitiona Example from Learning Community
Create a learning collaborative Facilitate the formation of groups of providers or provider organizations and foster a collaborative learning environment to improve implementation of the clinical innovation Creation of the ASTHO Immediate Postpartum LARC Learning Community
Organize clinician implementation team meetings Develop and support teams of clinicians who are implementing the innovation and give them protected time to reflect on the implementation effort, share lessons learned, and support one another’s learning In-person meetings provide a unique opportunity for the state teams to work on their immediate postpartum LARC efforts, including creating action plans to prioritize their activities.
Conduct educational meetings Hold meetings targeted toward different stakeholder groups to teach them about the clinical innovation Learning Community virtual learning sessions, which feature guest experts, provide a forum for ongoing education.
Facilitation A process of interactive problem solving and support that occurs in a context of a recognized need for improvement and a supportive interpersonal relationship ASTHO facilitates virtual learning sessions and in-person meetings, which incorporate problem solving and foster the sense of a supportive team across the country.
Promote network weaving Identify and build on existing high-quality working relationships and networks within and outside the organization to promote information sharing, collaborative problem-solving, and a shared vision/goal related to implementing the innovation - State teams include representatives from Medicaid and the state health department, and many of these agencies do not traditionally work together.
- State teams have many opportunities, including through the in-person meetings and virtual learning sessions, to network with other state teams.
- In-person meetings and virtual learning sessions include national partner agencies, which states can collaborate with and learn from.
Provide ongoing consultation Provide ongoing consultation with one or more experts in the strategies used to support implementing the innovation Experts participate in the in-person meetings and virtual learning sessions, and state teams are able to follow up for more in-depth assistance.
Distribute educational materials Distribute educational materials in person, by mail, and/or electronically States developed provider bulletins, patient guides, etc., and then shared them with ASTHO, who then shares the materials with the Learning Community.
  1. aThe implementation strategies and definitions in this table were published by the Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change (ERIC) project [14]