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Table 1 Examples of search terms used to identify study resource initiatives via Google

From: A content analysis of dissemination and implementation science resource initiatives: what types of resources do they offer to advance the field?

  Search term string
1. Behavioral health research
2. Behavioral health treatment research
3. Conference for implementation dissemination
4. Conference for implementation dissemination research
5. Conference for implementation dissemination science
6. Dissemination implementation behavioral health practice research
7. Dissemination implementation research behavioral health
8. Dissemination implementation research evidence based practices
9. Dissemination implementation research resource initiative
10. Dissemination implementation science
11. Dissemination implementation science conference
12. Evidence based behavioral health practice research
13. Implementation dissemination EBPS research
14. Implementation dissemination resource initiative
15. Implementation dissemination research group/agencies
16. Implementation research
17. Implementation research conference
18. Implementation research in mental health services
19. Implementation science research methods
20. Knowledge translation resource initiative
21. Knowledge translation research conference
22. Mental health implementation science
23. Mental health knowledge translation resource initiative
24. Mental health services research
25. Mental health treatment effectiveness research
26. Mental health treatment implementation dissemination
27. Mental health treatment research conference