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Table 1 Focused areas for TB-HIV integration

From: Addressing challenges in scaling up TB and HIV treatment integration in rural primary healthcare clinics in South Africa (SUTHI): a cluster randomized controlled trial protocol

▪ Testing and counseling for HIV in all patients with TB.
▪ Intensified case finding for TB in HIV-infected patients.
▪ Isoniazid preventative therapy (IPT) for HIV-positive patients that screen TB negative.
▪ ART initiation for all TB-HIV co-infected patients.
▪ Cotrimoxazole therapy for TB-HIV co-infected patients.
▪ Enhanced retention in care strategies including the post-test counseling and use of community-based outreach workers.
▪ Enhanced ART and TB treatment adherence strategies including the use of community care workers for adherence support and community-based management of selected patients.
▪ A fully integrated data management system—adopting the approach of one patient, one appointment, one file, and one data management system.