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Table 6 Funding agency, de-implementation grant titles, and funding opportunity announcement (FOA; N = 20)

From: Studying de-implementation in health: an analysis of funded research grants

Funding agency Title Funding opportunity announcement (FOA)a
NIH 1. Behavioral Economics and Improving Chemotherapy Decisions for Advanced Cancer PA-11-195
2. Impact of Social Contagion on Physician Use of Unproven Cancer Interventions RFA-CA-13-024
3. Targeted Payment Cuts to Reduce Unproven Care RFA-CA-15-008
4. A Randomized Controlled Trial to Deprescribe for Older Patients with Polypharmacy Transferred from the Hospital to Skilled Nursing Facilities PA-14-114
5. A Statewide RCT [randomized controlled trial] to Reduce Use of Ineffective or Unproven Breast Cancer Care RFA-CA-13-024
6. Improving Targeted Colorectal Cancer Screening in the Elderly PAR-13-146
7. Measurement of Inappropriate Screening Tests (MIST) PAR-10-039
8. Integrated Clinical Prediction Rules: Bringing Evidence to Diverse Primary Care Settings PAR-13-055
9. The Impact of Provider Social Networks on Breast Cancer Screening PAR-13-054
10. Diffusion of Clinical Evidence into Practice: Physician Networks, Delivery Organizations, and Markets PA-13-302
11. HRT [hormone replacement therapy] Decision Making in the Post-WHI [Women’s Health Initiative] Era Not listedb
12. INtervention for Cognitive Reserve Enhancement in Delaying the Onset of Alzheimer’s Symptomatic Expression: The INCREASE Study PAR-16-365
13. Treatment of Anemia in End Stage Renal Disease: Effect of Warnings and Incentives RFA-RM-11-001
14. Modeling Treatment Use and Effectiveness in Mental Illness Not listedb
15. RCT [randomized controlled trial] of TeachTown in Autism Support Classrooms: Innovation and Exnovation PA-13-216
AHRQ 1. Identifying Cascades of Low-Value Care and the Organizational Practices that Prevent Them PA-14-291
2. Improving Antibiotic Stewardship During the Treatment of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in the Emergency Department: A Human Factors and Systems Engineering Approach PA-13-039
3. Reducing Overuse in Primary Care through Safe and Effective Health Information Technology HS-15-002
4. Antibiotic Use and Bacteriuria in the Rural Nursing Home PA-00-010
5. Variation in Provider Breast Cancer Surveillance Strategies Following Initial Treatment: Contribution of Patient and Provider Factors, Association with Outcomes, and Stakeholder Insights PA-14-291
  1. The information above is available in the public domain at NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT):
  2. NIH National Institutes of Health, AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  3. aFunding opportunity announcements (number, title): CA-13-024: Research Answers to NCIs Provocative Questions - Group E (R01); CA-15-008: Research Answers to NCIs Provocative Questions (R01); HS-15-002: AHRQ Health Services Research Projects: Making Health Care Safer In Ambulatory Care Settings And Long Term Care Facilities (R01); PA-00-010: Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award; PA-11-195: Midcareer Investigator Award In Patient-Oriented Research (Parent K24); PA-13-039: AHRQ Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08); PA-13-045: AHRQ Health Services Research Projects (R01); PA-13-216: Research On Autism Spectrum Disorders (R01); PA-13-302: Research Project Grant (Parent R01); PA-14-114: Behavioral Interventions To Address Multiple Chronic Health Conditions In Primary Care (R01); PA-14-291: AHRQ Health Services Research Projects (R01); PAR-10-039: Dissemination and Implementation Research In Health (R03); PAR-13-054: Dissemination and Implementation Research In Health (R21); PAR-13-055: Dissemination and Implementation Research In Health (R01); PAR-13-146: NCI Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (NCI Omnibus R21); PAR-16-365: Pilot Clinical Trials For The Spectrum Of Alzheimer’s Disease And Age-Related Cognitive Decline (R01); RM-11-001: Integrating Comparative Effectiveness Research Findings Into Care Delivery Through Economic Incentives (R21)
  4. bNot listed = No FOA listed in either the QVR or the NIH RePORT online databases