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Table 1 Survey measures

From: Enhancing evidence-based diabetes and chronic disease control among local health departments: a multi-phase dissemination study with a stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial component

Survey section Number of items Types of variables Sample items Item sources
Background 9 Check one, years, check all that apply, yes/no Position, years in position, degree/credentials, gender, race/ethnicity, age, program areas Jacobs 2010
EBPPs to address chronic diseases (selection was based on program area) 8 Yes/no/do not know Asked 1 topic: diabetes control, obesity prevention, physical activity, nutrition, or tobacco control
Has your agency directly delivered? (4 items)
Has your agency collaborated with organization(s) to support delivery? (4 items)
Community guide, What works for health, Guide to clinical preventive services
Views on EBPPs 6 Likert 7-point scale, text/short answer Program staff in my work group/division is aware of toolkits for planning and evaluation.
Health equity (2 items)
Jacobs 2010, Reis 2014
EBDM definitions and supports 2 Rank top 3 Which of the following would be most useful to you in building skills for EBDM? Jacobs 2012, Reis 2014
Importance and availability of EBDM skills 20 Likert 11-point scale Importance (10 items)
Availability (10 items)
Brownson 2009
Spreading EBDM 26 Likert 7-point scale Dissemination stages (22 items)
Administrative evidence-based practices (4 items)
Stamatakis 2017, Brownson 2012, 2013
Ending programs 4 Select top 3, how often Reasons for programs ending that should have continued, reasons for continuing programs that should have ended Brownson 2015
Work style 8 Likert 5-point scale Short Grit Scale Duckworth 2009
Academic partnerships 2 Yes/no/unsure, check all that apply Does your agency currently participate in any academic partnerships? New