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Table 6 Quantitative content analysis

From: Organizational participatory research: a systematic mixed studies review exposing its extra benefits and the key factors associated with them

OPR systematic mixed studies review: 11-step coding process
1. Research team members asked to reach consensus on a codebook
2. Coders trained using a purposeful sample of documents (studies)
3. Codebook pilot tested using a random sample of 10% of documents
4. Codebook revised accordingly
5. Coding of all documents by two independent coders (assignment of excerpts of QUAL findings and QUAN results to codes using the codebook)
6. Disagreements between coders resolved by a third party
7. For each code, inter-coder agreement and reliability (kappa) score calculated
8. Preliminary findings discussed with research team members
9. Emerging categories discussed and creation of new codes when needed
10. All documents re-coded (steps 5 to 9) using new codes to increase consistency
11. Statistical analysis