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Table 5 Nine selection criteria

From: Organizational participatory research: a systematic mixed studies review exposing its extra benefits and the key factors associated with them

Selection criteria (full text paper)
1. The full text paper is available
2. The full text paper is written in English or French
3. The paper reports empirical research (i.e., an original qualitative, or quantitative, or mixed methods study)
4. The study concerns health-related research (i.e., deals with a health issue or health professional/organizational development)
5. The study concerns research with (or within) a health organization
6. The paper reports non-academics partnering with academic researchers in the research process in either consultation or co-construction manner
7. The paper reports a study where OPR is the collaborative change intervention
8. The paper reports OPR-related outcomes
9. The study includes sufficient description of the OPR process