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Table 2 List of variables for multivariate analysis

From: Organizational participatory research: a systematic mixed studies review exposing its extra benefits and the key factors associated with them

Variables Rationale Values
Dependent variable
 Extra benefit (yes/no) (raw kappac = 0.506a Extra benefits offer possibilities for increasing understanding and action [48] Present/absent (1/0)
Independent variables
 Participation of non-academic partners (raw kappac = 0.590b Co-construction type participation of at least one non-academic partner group (i.e., nurses, staff, physicians, patients, etc.) will yield more extra benefits [3] Co-construction/consultation (1/0)
 OPR initiation (researchers/organization) (raw kappa = 0.534b OPR initiated by the organization members will yield more extra benefits Organization/Academic or joint (1/0)
 Number of non-academic groups (i.e., nurses, therapists, physicians, patients, etc.) who participate in the research A greater number of participant groups will increase the potential for unanticipated advantages [3] Number of groups (n)
 Participation of management Participation of management will yield more extra benefits Present/absent (1/0)
 Duration of the study Longer studies will yield more extra benefits [3]. Research indicates many partnerships due not survive their first year if they do not manage to build productive working relationships [49, 50] More than 1 year/1 year or less (1/0)
 Date of publication Studies published subsequent to the Waterman et al. [3] (2001) systematic review will exhibit more extra benefits 2005 or later/before 2005 (1/0)
  1. a p < 0.001
  2. b p < 0.0001
  3. cExtra benefit: rater 1 coded all studies as “yes” or “no”; rater 2 coded “yes”, “no”, or “unsure” (n = 3). When “unsure” are deleted, Kappa = 0.51, p < 0.001). When “unsure” are converted to “yes”, Kappa = 0.45. When “unsure” are converted to “no”, Kappa = 0.51
  4. Participation: rater 1 coded “consultation” or “co-construction” whereas rater 2 coded “consultation”, “co-construction” or “unsure” (n = 4). When “unsure” are converted to “consultation”, Kappa = 0.601. When “unsure” are converted to “co-construction”, Kappa = 0.675