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Table 3 Summary of DECIDE Intervention

From: Development of a complex intervention to promote appropriate prescribing and medication intensification in poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus in Irish general practice

There are three specific components to the complex intervention, called DECIDE:
1. Training program/academic detailing of target GPs with the CDSS.
  • Behaviour change techniques (BCTs): credible source, demonstration of the behaviour, feedback on behaviour, instruction on how to perform the behaviour, behavioural practice/rehearsal and social support (unspecified).
2. Development of a remote ‘finder tool’ to help the GP and the practice nurse find patients with poor control.
  • BCTs: adding objects to the environment.
3. Development of a web-based CDSS, delivered as part of clinical workflow in Irish General Practice, with both the nurse and GP being able to use the system
  • BCTs: prompts/cues, credible source, adding objects to the environment.