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Table 2 The evidence base of MediDSS

From: What hinders the uptake of computerized decision support systems in hospitals? A qualitative study and framework for implementation

The CDSS evaluated by the trials is named “MediDSS” (Medilogy Decision Support System) and is produced by Medilogy, an Italian IT company. MediDSS is the Italian translation of Evidence Based Medicine Electronic Decision Support (EBMeDS). This is a CDSS developed by Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd., a company led by the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, marketed in several countries [61]. EBMeDS is derived from EBMGuidelines, which is a web-based compendium of the best available evidence on treating a wide range of common conditions. EBMeDS complies with the pillars of evidence-based medicine: the service implements an active literature search to identify current relevant information, privileges a cumulative versus discretionary approach (i.e., prioritization of systematic reviews over other evidence sources), critical appraisal, adopts a formal grading of evidence, and clearly differentiates citation of expert opinions from other evidence sources in summaries [62, 63]. The quality of these services, including their evidence-based nature, has been repeatedly evaluated.