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Table 1 Health-relevant policy fields and subfields

From: Structural analysis of health-relevant policy-making information exchange networks in Canada

Healthy public policies
 Policies across spheres that explicitly take into account their implications for population health and health equity
  Prevention and health promotion - Food and nutrition
- Alcohol/tobacco/addiction
- Chronic diseases and long-term care
- Disease surveillance (communicable and non-communicable)
  Social, economic, environmental determinants, and health equity - Housing
- Transport
- Education
- Income/fiscal policies
- Employment
- Social assistance
Healthcare policies
 Policies about healthcare services financing or delivery
  Health financing and funding - Universal health coverage
- Payment and insurance systems
- Health systems characteristics
- Equity and access to health services and products
- Funding policy
- Hospital funding
  Health system service delivery - Quality of care
- Coordination of care
- Primary healthcare
- Community care
- Home care
- Hospital services
  Health data governance and infrastructure - Data governance: privacy, monitoring, and research
- Strengthening health information
- Infrastructure for healthcare quality governance
- Data-driven innovation: big data for growth and well-being