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Table 2 Assumptions for abstraction of sustainability definitions (phase 3)

From: Developing a comprehensive definition of sustainability

• Any reference to time (e.g., “over time” or “after initial funding”) was coded as time (key construct 1).
• The continuation of a program, clinical intervention, innovation, implementation strategy, initiative, policy, project activity, or program component was categorized as organizational or community-based, unless the definition specified that such elements occurred at an individual level (key construct 2).
• The terms “practice change,” “ways of working,” and “individual routinization” were considered to represent maintenance of a behavior change by an individual (key construct 3).
• The use of terms such as “adaptation,” “evolution,” “modification,” and “variation” was coded as evolving or adapting (key construct 4).
• A broad range of terms was used to describe outcomes, including “benefits,” “effects,” “outcomes,” “performance goals,” and “program results” (key construct 5).