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Table 2 ERAS 22 elements

From: Implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: a strategy to transform surgical care across a health system

ERAS 22 elements  
 1. PAC patient education  
 1. PAC shared decision-making  
 1. PAC nutrition  
 1. PAC medical optimization  
 2. Fluid and carb loading  
 3. No prolonged fasting  
 4. No/selective bowel prep  
 5. Antibiotic prophylaxis  
 6. Thromboprophylaxis  
 7. No premedication  
 8. Nausea and vomiting prophylaxis  
 9. Short-acting anaesthetic agents  
 10. No drains  
 11. Avoidance of salt and water overload  
 12. Maintenance of normothermia  
 13. Mid-thoracic epidural anesthesia/analgesic  
 14. No nasogastric tubes  
 15. Prevention of nausea and vomiting  
 16. Avoidance of salt and water load  
 17. Early removal of catheter  
 18. Early oral nutrition  
 19. Non-opioid oral analgesia/NSAIDs  
 20. Early mobilization  
 21. Stimulation of gut motility  
 22. Audit of compliance and outcomes  
Not applicable