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Table 2 POWeR+ HCP usage analysis

From: Providing online weight management in Primary Care: a mixed methods process evaluation of healthcare practitioners’ experiences of using and supporting patients using POWeR+

Description of pages in POWeR+ for HCPs Users who viewed the page at least once (N) Total page views (N)
Page 1: Homepage
Includes a welcome message and a brief description of POWeR+
54 2588
Page 2: Why use POWeR+?
Information about the POWeR+ intervention
18 27
Page 3: The POWeR+ philosophy
Information about the key principles of POWeR+
18 23
Page 4: Meet the POWeR+ team
Information about the team who created POWeR+
16 21
Page 5: POWeR+ and diabetes
Additional considerations for diabetic participants
25 39
Page 6: Differences in group support
Tells the HCP about the different study groups and what each should receive
38 80
Page 7: HCP support schedule diagram 40 104
Page 8: How to provide support to those using POWeR +
Tells the HCP about the CARe approach
41 112
Page 9: Patient summaries
The HCP can click on a patient to see their goals and weight loss
54 5622
Page 10: Page showing individual patient’s current goals and record of weekly weights 53 5143
Page 11: Sending support emails to patients
The HCP can send the patient an email from here using template emails that they could modify or replace with their own text
52 1585
Page 12: Email confirmation page
This confirms to practitioners that their email has been sent and gives the HCP the option to send another email
45 992