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Table 1 Planned external facilitator roles

From: Provision of peer specialist services in VA patient aligned care teams: protocol for testing a cluster randomized implementation trial

Pre-implementation Conduct site visit to assist PC stakeholders in developing a local implementation plan (LIP)
♦ Clarify purpose/role of facilitation staff; share organizational assessment data; set expectations
♦ Assess and engage facility stakeholders who will be impacted by the implementation
♦ Educate PACT on implementation strategies and/or PS evidence (e.g., VA’s PS toolkit,
♦ Assist PACT in developing goals for assessing progress in achieving LIP using an existing facilitation worksheet (critical tasks, persons responsible, PACT needs) modified for this project
♦ Address needs for local customization prior to implementation
Implementation Maintain a supportive relationship with stakeholders via multiple means
♦ Biweekly calls to discuss status of implementation and problem-solving (see below) as needed
♦ Monthly calls to include all facilitation sites (within each cohort) to facilitate information sharing (called “Learning collaboratives”)
♦ Accessibility to stakeholders by telephone/email for additional support or consultation as needed
Problem identification and resolution
♦ Monitor and provide feedback on progress in achieving implementation goals/milestones
♦ Aid problem-solving by leveraging local resources, sharing solutions, or identifying VA resources
♦ Monitor use and impact of identified solutions for problems/barriers