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Table 1 Visit plan

From: Effectiveness of an intervention for improving drug prescription in primary care patients with multimorbidity and polypharmacy: study protocol of a cluster randomized clinical trial (Multi-PAP project)

  T0 (baseline)   T1 (6 months) T2 (12 months) Responsible entity
Confirm inclusion/exclusion criteria X     FP
Written informed consent X     FP
Socio-demographic variables X     FP
Morbidity variables and drug treatment plan X   X X FP
Randomization of FPs   X    RU
FP intervention (intervention group)   X    RT
Patient intervention (intervention group)   X X   FP
Use of health services X   X X RT
Medication adherence X   X X FP
Medication safety    X X FP
Quality of life X   X X FP
Costs     X RT
  1. FP family physician, RU research unit, RT research team, EE external evaluator, EC evaluation committee, MAI medication appropriateness index