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Table 1 Background characteristics of the study sites

From: HIV policy implementation in two health and demographic surveillance sites in Uganda: findings from a national policy review, health facility surveys and key informant interviews

  Kyamulibwa Rakai
Site history
 Start of demographic data collection and serosurveys Nov-89 Apr-99
 Number of clinics (surveyed/total in HDSS) 10/3a 14/17
 Size (km2) 28 320
 Adults (15+ years) under surveillance, 2013 9697 20,055
ART indicators
 Introduction of ART Jan-04 Jun-04
 Full ART implementation Jan-05 Jun-06
HIV indicators
 HIV prevalence (2013) (%) 9.4 12.5
 HIV−ve mortality rate, 2009–2011 (per 1000) 8.6 3.4
 Pre-ART HIV+ve mortality rate (2000–2003) (per 1000) 90 96.2
 Post-ART HIV+ve mortality rate (2009–2011) (per 1000) 22.7 22.5
  1. Source: [6, 22]
  2. aSix facilities outside of the HDSS that also serve the population of Kyamulibwa were also included in the analysis