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Table 1 Summary of the study interview guide

From: Factors influencing implementation of a patient decision aid in a developing country: an exploratory study

Preamble: We would like to implement the insulin PDA in the clinic. We would like to hear your honest opinion on what are the barriers and facilitators to implementing the insulin PDA in your healthcare organization so that it is effective and sustainable to be used.
Insulin PDA
• What do you think about the insulin PDA? (Probe: feelings: afraid, hopeful) (emotions) Would you use this PDA? (intention, beliefs about consequences, optimism)
• Do you think that HCPs’ will want to use the insulin PDA? Why? (intentions)
• Do you think that insulin PDA will affect your/HCP role? How? (social professional role and identity)
• Do you think that you/HCPs would remember to use the PDA if it is implemented? Why? Why not? (memory, attention and decision processess)
• Do you think that you/HCPs will be confident to use the insulin PDA? Why? (beliefs about capabilities)
• How doctors and nurses or other HCPs such as dieticians or pharmacists play a role in implementing the insulin PDA? (social professional role and identity)
• Do you think that you/HCPs have the knowledge and skills to use the insulin PDA? What are the knowledge and skills needed? (knowledge and skills)
• Do you see any benefit or harm in implementing the PDA in the current healthcare system? (beliefs about consequences)
• Who do you think can influence you/HCPs whether to use or not to use the insulin PDA? How? (social influences)
• What can you/HCPs do to use the insulin PDA in their consultation? (behavioural regulation)
• If you will implement the insulin PDA, what are the goals you/patients want to achieve? (goals)
Inner context – the clinic
• Does your institution have the resources to implement the insulin PDA? What are the resources available and what are needed?
• How do you think your organization’s working culture (general beliefs, values, assumptions that people embrace, receptivity of a new intervention) will affect the implementation of the PDA? (environmental context and resources)
Outer context – the healthcare system
• Are you confident/positive/optimistic that the current healthcare system is capable to successfully implement the insulin PDA despite any difficulty? Yes/No, why? (beliefs about capabilities; optimism)
• What can be done by the higher-level authority to ensure the success of the implementation of the PDA? (reinforcements)
• In your opinion, how can we make the implementation of the insulin PDA sustainable?