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Table 5 A classification of knowledge encounters: from whom did the knowledge originate (facets, descriptions and examples)

From: Describing knowledge encounters in healthcare: a mixed studies systematic review and development of a classification

From whom Description Examples from included studies
Practitioner A healthcare practitioner from any field Colleague, colleagues via internet, clinical leaders, personal clinical experience, journal club, email discussion list, professional association
Non-practitioner (colleague) A colleague who is not a healthcare practitioner and who may work within or without the same organisation Social services, non-medical personnel
Patient A person or group of patients receiving healthcare interventions Patients, patient questioning, patients’ experience of illness
Researcher A person or group of people who have investigated something in an organised and systematic way Thesis, journal
Educator A person or organisation providing instruction Teacher, educational booklet, laboratory manual, patient information
Regulator A person or organisation that directs or regulates some aspect of healthcare practice Government documents, health policy
Employer An individual or organisation that employs the healthcare professional Policy and procedure manuals, local guidelines
Salesperson An individual or organisation that sells good or services Company literature, company representative, drug company functions