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Table 2 A classification of knowledge encounters: knowledge facets, descriptions and examples

From: Describing knowledge encounters in healthcare: a mixed studies systematic review and development of a classification

Knowledge facet Description Examples from included studies
Codified knowledge Research, theoretical or practice-based knowledge subject to quality control by editors, peer review and debate Journal, guidelines, textbook
Individualised codified knowledge Codified knowledge presented in some manner by individuals in person Informal conversation with colleagues, seminars, grand rounds
Procedural knowledge The individual actions required to carry out a given activity Observation of other’s practice
Process or policy knowledge Local or national processes and policies Local care delivery, national health policy
Experiential knowledge That obtained through personal experience What has worked/not worked before, personal clinical experience, patient’s experiences of illness
Custom The implicit norms of a given healthcare setting or professional group The way it has always been done
Product or service knowledge Commercial product and service characteristics Company representative, company literature