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Table 1 Description of training workshops

From: Evaluation of scaling-up of HPV self-collection offered by community health workers at home visits to increase screening among socially vulnerable under-screened women in Jujuy Province, Argentina

Sections Contents
Project background Information on the EMA study and scaling-up in a programmatic context
Cervical cancer Scientific data on cervical cancer and its relation with HPV
HPV testing Basic information on HPV testing as primary screening strategy for cervical cancer prevention
HPV self-collection HPV self-collection: clinician vs. self-collected tests, step-by-step self-collection take-up, self-collection results understanding, and follow-up of HPV+ women
Communication skills Communication skills to conduct the educational talk (instruct women on how to perform self-collection)
Logistical procedures List of women to be offered self-collection, collectors, and training on sample labeling and transportation