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Table 1 Characteristics of participating mental health systems

From: Improving and sustaining delivery of CPT for PTSD in mental health systems: a cluster randomized trial

Source No. of clinicians available for recruitment No. of clinics (planned/ available) Clinic type/population Clinician degrees Payment/reimbursement Penetration
VA Canada OSI Network (VAC) 134 OSI clinicians and contracted community clinicians, 65% received CPT provider status 11/38 VAC clinics and community-based/veterans and civilians M.A., PhD/PsyD Government veteran benefits, private insurance, self-pay for civilians ~60% of eligible patients (by self-report)
United States VA system (VA) 2996 trained, 73% reached provider status 11/138 VA hospitals and clinics/veterans PhD/PsyD, MSW, MD Typically VA benefits, TriCare 112–20% eligible patients [6]
Texas (TX) Community MH Clinics 253 trained/53% reached CPT provider status 10/115 Civilians and rural veterans MSW, LICSW, LPC, CART, MA, PhD/PsyD Medicaid, VA Tricare, self-pay, private insurance To be assessed