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Table 4 Quality assessment results of quantitative included studies

From: Identifying the barriers and enablers for a triage, treatment, and transfer clinical intervention to manage acute stroke patients in the emergency department: a systematic review using the theoretical domains framework (TDF)

Quality assessment question Grady et al., 2014 [25] Hargis et al., 2015 [26] Williams J et al., 2013 [29] Van Der Weijden et al., 2004 [32]
Did the study address a clearly focused question/issue?
Is the research method appropriate? x x x
Is the method of selection of the subjects clearly described?
Could the way the sample was obtained introduce bias? Not reported x Not reported x
Was the sample of subjects representative with regard to the population? Not reported
Was the sample size based on considerations of statistical power? x x x
Was a satisfactory response rate achieved? x x
Are the measurements likely to be valid and reliable? Not reported Not reported
Was the statistical significance assessed? x x x
Are confidence intervals given for the main results? x x x
Could there be confounding factors that haven’t been accounted for? x x x Not reported
Can the results be applied to your organisation? Not reported Not reported
  1. X = No;  = Yes