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Table 3 Recommendations for implementation based on data from reviews

From: Factors that influence the implementation of e-health: a systematic review of systematic reviews (an update)

• Selection of an appropriate e-health system needs careful consideration taking into account:
o Complexity
o Adaptability
o Compatibility with existing systems and work practices
o Cost
• Key stakeholders and implementation champions should be included as early as possible in the implementation process.
• Sufficient financial and legislative support needs to be in place to support implementation.
• Standards for technology which address inter-operability, security and privacy may improve acceptability and implementation.
• Planning implementation is a critical step which includes ensuring that organisations are in a state of readiness.
• The provision of training and education to all those involved with implementation is a key success factor.
• Implementation does not stop with ‘go-live’—there is a need for ongoing monitoring, evaluation and adaptation of systems to ensure intended goals are being met, benefits realised, and ongoing identification of barriers to effective use, along with strategies to overcome these barriers.