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Table 1 Healthcare costs over a three-year period for a cohort of 170,000 Albertans noted as potentially eligible for this study using administrative health data

From: Assessing outcomes of enhanced chronic disease care through patient education and a value-based formulary study (ACCESS)—study protocol for a 2×2 factorial randomized trial

  No. of patients with an event within primary composite endpoint, or physician claim Total events (including recurrent events) or physician claims Percentage of patients with an event or physician claim Average cost per patient over three years (includes those without any events)
Hospitalization events 47,201 110,773 48.7 $18,417
Physician claims 95,018 7,765,483 98.4 $5377
Ambulatory care / emergency department encounters 85,105 1,594,117 88.1 $5200
Prescription drug claims or costs 88,247 10,944,192 91.4 $5915
Sum of all above costs over 3 years     $36,332