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Table 2 Description of systems and implementation outcomes by level of implementation

From: Integrating evidence-based practices for increasing cancer screenings in safety net health systems: a multiple case study using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

System and number of interviews Cancer type and screening test Description of system and patient volume (large, medium or small)a Goal achievement for client remindersb Goal achievement for screening testb Level of implementation and likely sustainability
System A (n = 9) CRC (FIT) FQHC (medium) Exceeded Exceeded High
13,380 (161 % of goal) FIT: 2130 (128 % of goal) Sustainability likely due to workflow redesign and practice changes
Colonoscopy: 170 (480 % of goal)
System B (n = 8) CRC (colonoscopy) Community hospital and health system (large) Exceeded Exceeded High
3420 (140 % of goal) 3500 (143 % of goal) Sustainability unclear—need funding for patient navigator
System C (n = 7) CRC (colonoscopy) University health system with FQHC partner No goal Exceeded High
(Large with small partner) 230 2100 (419 % of goal) Sustainability unclear—dependent on volunteers and partnerships
System D (n = 6) CRC (FIT) FQHC (large) Exceeded Exceeded Medium
8680 (2480 % of goal) 260 (115 % of goal) Sustainability unclear—vague discussion
System E (n = 6) Breast (mammography) FQHC (medium) Exceeded Did not meet goal Medium
1760 (352 % of goal) 970 Sustainability unclear—will need to scale back outreach
System F (n = 7) Breast (mammography) FQHC (small) No target Exceeded Medium
200 1180 (147 % of goal) Sustainability mixed: EMR changes sustainable; patient navigator requires funding
System G (n = 5) Breast (mammography) Regional health system (large) No target Not met Low
350 250 Sustainability unlikely for screening—need funding & no concrete actions taken
System H (n = 3) Breast and colorectal (mammography and colonoscopy) FQHC (medium) No report No report Low
Sustainability mixed—EMR changes sustainable, outreach will be scaled back
System I (n = 6) Breast (mammography) FQHC look-alike (small) No target Not met Low
180 <5 Sustainability unclear-limited practice changes to sustain
  1. aLarge >40,000 patients; medium 15,000 to 40,000 patients, small <15,000 patients
  2. bFrom final reports