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Table 1 Key informant interview guide questions

From: Integrating evidence-based practices for increasing cancer screenings in safety net health systems: a multiple case study using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

Topic Interview questions
Clinic characteristics About how many patients does your clinic serve annually? About how many over the age of 50? Please describe services provided by the clinic. Is your clinic part of a larger health network?
ACS relationship Describe your organization’s relationship with ACS prior to working with this project. What factors influenced your decision to work with ACS on this grant? How often did you meet/talk with ACS staff during the project period? What type of training or TA did ACS staff provide? What type of training or TA would be useful to assist you in implementing this type of intervention in the future?
Intervention selection Were you involved in the decision-making process for choosing these interventions? Can you describe in detail what activities you are doing with the ACS project? How did you decide to implement these particular intervention strategies for this grant program? Who was involved in that decision? What factors influenced you to select these intervention strategies? If you had already been doing any of these interventions before the grant program, for how long? What factors influenced you to originally implement this intervention?
Intervention implementation Please describe the steps you took to implement the intervention. What staff are involved in implementation? What are their titles and general responsibilities? What were their responsibilities related to the intervention? About what percentage of their time would you say is dedicated to the intervention? What training did staff receive prior to implementing the intervention? What type of ongoing training/meetings did you have during the project period to assess progress? Are community health workers involved in implementation? If this is a new intervention, how long did it take to fully implement the intervention? If this is an existing intervention, how long did it take to implement the project specific activities? Please describe your process for referring individuals for screening. What were some of the challenges in implementing the intervention? What steps did you take to overcome the challenges? What were some factors that helped you implement the intervention?
Program goals Were you involved in developing the program goals and target numbers? What are your target number of screenings and individuals educated for the grant program? How did you determine the target numbers? Did you provide baseline screening referral data to ACS prior to this project? After starting this project? How did you determine your baseline? Were you able to reach your education goals? Screening goals? If not, what factors do you think prevented you from reaching your goals? If so, what factors helped you reach your goals? Do you know the targeted number of screenings and individuals to be educated for the project?
Data collection How do you work with ACS to report data on education and screening numbers? How do you usually track these types of activities? What difficulties did you experience in providing the data to ACS? What would make it easier for you to report data to ACS?
Electronic health record utilization Does your clinic use an electronic health record system? How do you use this EMR to obtain information on colorectal cancer screening? With regard to the project, to what extent did you utilize EMR? Were there any particular challenges utilizing EMR to support the intervention?
Sustainability Will the partnership with ACS continue after the project ends? If so, in what ways? After the project is over, will the work implemented as a result of the project continue? If so, in what ways? Were any staff hired for the project? Will they remain on staff? With regard to the project, are there plans to advance the work implemented? If so, please explain.