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Table 1 Comparison of SAMHSA study programs

From: Measuring sustainment of prevention programs and initiatives: a study protocol

  Strategic Prevention Framework—State Incentive Grants (SPF-SIG) Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking (STOP Act) Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention (GLS) Prevention Practices in Schools (PPS)
No. of grantees 60 block grants
35 SPF-SIG cohorts 4-5
46 State Prevention Enhancement
608 continuations
60 new grantees
22 mentoring continuation grantees
6 new mentoring grantees
27 states and 26 tribes currently funded 21 active
Assessment of progress toward achieving goals/aims Web Block Grant Application System (BGAS)
Performance Management Reporting Tool (PMRT)
Coalition Online Management and Evaluation Tool (COMET) Cross-site evaluation
Transformation Accountability (TRAC) data collection system
Local performance assessment
Transformation Accountability (TRAC) data collection system, monthly phone calls with GPO, and annual reports
Frequency of evaluation Annual review of GRPA and NOMs data and progress reports quarterly Review of COMET reports twice a year
Site visits every 3 and 5 years
Quarterly and annually Monthly, quarterly, and annually