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Table 2 Participants, methods and phases

From: Understanding implementation and feasibility of tobacco cessation in routine primary care in Nepal: a mixed methods study

Phase one: pre-intervention Phase two: implementation Phase three: post-intervention
Sept 2012 to Sept 2013 October 2013–March 2014 April 2014–July 2014
Individual interviews using photos with 21 lung health patients
Male 17, female 4
Between 27 and 80 years old
Median age 60 years old
Urban 13, rural 8
Action research sessions with health workers: between 2 and 4 in each facility
Observation and reflections recorded in weekly diaries
Record monitoring to identify proportions of patients receiving the intervention, verified by observation
Patients who received BS 3 months previously:
27 questerviews with CO readings. Male 21, female 6
Between 20 and 79 years old
Median age: 51 years old
PHCC 1, 10
PHCC 2, 5
PHCC 3, 12
Patients who were literate, 12
2 focus groups with 9 health workers in PHCC 1 and 5 health workers in PHCC 3 5 semi-structured interviews with health workers, district- and central-level managers.
1 one-day workshop with district and MoHP staff, NTP director, WHO representative and health workers from the 3 PHCCs to discuss and agree intervention package (total participants 17)