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Table 3 Process measures, data sources and timeline for data collection

From: Testing the use of practice facilitation in a cluster randomized stepped-wedge design trial to improve adherence to cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines: HealthyHearts NYC

Domain Measures Data sources Administration
Internal practice-level context • Staffing/FTEs
• Payer mix
• Patient demographics
• Baseline integration practice transformation components (population management)
• PCMH certification
• Practice survey
• Site visits and key informant (KI) interviews with sample of providers and staff
• Surveys at baseline, 12 and 18 months
• Site visits and KI interviews baseline and 12 months
External context • Regulatory and financial environment (e.g., pay-for-performance, value based payment) • Provider surveys
• KI interviews with sample of practice site providers and staff
• Ongoing
Implementation fidelity • PF activities: dose, intensity and mode of delivery of PF intervention Practice change: Extent to which practice change components are implemented and in use • PF activities: Web-based PF tracking system, Webinar registration and evaluation and collaborative call attendance
• Practice change: practice change survey and site visits/KI interviews
• Ongoing PF tracking using
• Practice change survey monthly
Cost • Implementation and intervention cost • Cost data collection template embedded in PF tracking system • Ongoing and reviewed monthly