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Table 1 Manual information and practices performed by BGC club staff by each of the 10 GTO steps

From: Can implementation support help community-based settings better deliver evidence-based sexual health promotion programs? A randomized trial of Getting To Outcomes®

GTO step What the GTO manual provides for each step Practices BGC club staff carried within each GTO step
1. Needs: What are the needs to address and the resources that can be used? Information about how to conduct a needs and resources assessment Club leaders reviewed data about the needs of a their membership
2. Goals and outcomes: What are the goals and desired outcomes? Tools for creating measurable goals and desired outcomes Each site developed their own broad goals and “desired outcomes”—statements that specify the amount and timing of change expected on specific measures of knowledge, attitudes, behavior
3. Best practices: Which evidence-based programs can be useful in reaching the goals? Overview of the importance of using evidence-based programs and where to access information about them Club leaders reviewed options and choose Making Proud Choices as the evidence-based program to implement
4. Fit: What actions need to be taken so the selected program fits the community context? Tools to help program staff identify opportunities to reduce duplication and facilitate collaboration with other programs. Each site reviewed Making Proud Choices for how it would fit within their club and made adaptations to improve fit
5. Capacity: What capacity is needed for the program? Assessment tools to help program staff ensure there is sufficient organizational, human and fiscal capacity to conduct the program Each site assessed their own capacity to carry out Making Proud Choices and made plans to increase capacity when needed
6. Plan: What is the plan for this program? Information and tools to plan program activities in detail Each site conducted concrete planning for doing Making Proud Choices (e.g., who, what, where, when)
7. Process evaluation: How will the program implementation be assessed? Information and tools to help program staff plan and implement a process evaluation Each site collected data on fidelity, attendance, satisfaction to assess program delivery and reviewed that data immediately after implementation
8. Outcome evaluation: How well did the program work? Information and tools to help program staff implement an outcome evaluation Each site collected participant outcome data on actual behavior as well as on mediators such as attitudes and intentions
9. Continuous quality improvement: How will continuous quality improvement strategies be used to improve the program? Tools to prompt program staff to reassess GTO steps 1–8 to stimulate program improvement plans Each site reviewed decisions made and tools completed before implementation and data collected during and after implementation and made concrete changes for the next implementation
10. Sustainability: If the program is successful, how will it be sustained? Ideas to use when attempting to sustain an effective program Each site took steps such as securing adequate funding, staffing, and buy-in, to make it more likely that Making Proud Choices would be sustained