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Table 1 CRUZA evidence-based strategies (EBS) and sample materials

From: Dissemination of evidence-based cancer control interventions among Catholic faith-based organizations: results from the CRUZA randomized trial

EBS Community guide definitionsa Packaged into CRUZA Toolkit
Small media Videos and printed materials such as letters, brochures, and newsletters • Bookmarks
• Parish bulletin inserts
• Brochures
• Tip sheets
• Posters
• Videos
• Magnets
Group education Presentations, lectures and other interactive formats conducted by health professionals or trained laypeople • Guest speakers
• Meet and learn
• CRC Bingo
Client reminders Written or telephone messages advising people that they are due for screening • Birthday bulletin inserts
• Birthday cards
One-to-one education Delivery of information by health professionals, lay health advisors, or volunteers by telephone or in-person in medical or community settings • Conversations after mass
Reducing structural barriers Facilitating access by addressing non-economic burdens that make it difficult for people to access cancer screening (e.g., distance, time, language) • Establish partnership with community health center
• Volunteers for transportation and childcare
  1. aAdapted from Guide to Community Preventive Services. Cancer prevention and control: client-oriented interventions to increase breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening.