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Table 2 Effectiveness assessments and timing of administration

From: An effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial study protocol targeting posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbidity

Study measure Baseline 3 months 6 months 12 months
EHR 10 item PTSD evaluation [55] X    
ICD injury severity X    
ICD TBI severity X    
ICD/self-report chronic medical conditions X X   
EHR and self-reported demographics X    
Consciousness/Glasgow Coma Scale [144, 145] X    
PTSD (PTSD Checklist DSM-IV & DSM-5) [58, 81] X X X X
Depression (PHQ-9) [82] X X X X
Suicidal ideation (PHQ-9 item 9) [82, 84]     
Alcohol (AUDIT) [85] X X X X
Illegal and prescription drug use (DAST) [146] X X X X
Pain (Brief Pain Inventory) [147, 148] X X X X
Postconcussive symptoms [90, 149, 150] X X X X
Functioning (MOS SF12/36) [88] X X X X
Violence risk behaviors [24] X X X X
Pre-injury trauma [6, 106, 107]   X   
Recurrent traumatic events [6, 106, 107]    X X
Reactions to research participation [25] X X X X
Satisfaction with care [16, 25] X X X X
Health services, work and cost [14, 151154] X X X X
Medication use [14, 16, 25, 151] X X X X
EHR/trauma registry data [14, 151] Ongoing automated data
  1. EHR electronic health record, PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder, ICD international classification of diseases, DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire, AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, DAST Drug Abuse Screen Test, MOS SF Medical Outcomes Study Short Form