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Table 2 Item-level means, standard deviations, ranges, and standardized CFA factor loadings

From: Assessing mental health clinicians’ intentions to adopt evidence-based treatments: reliability and validity testing of the evidence-based treatment intentions scale

Evidence-based treatment intentions (EBTI) item CFA factor loading Mean SD Range
1. I have spoken with colleagues about their experiences with EBTs. .67 4.69 1.63 1–7
2. I intend to use an EBT in each treatment session. .88 4.75 1.58 1–7
3. I have recently attended trainings, workshops, supervision sessions, or other learning sessions focused on EBTs. .48 5.08 1.75 1–7
4. I have searched the literature for appropriate EBTs to use with my clients. .69 4.76 1.60 1–7
5. Out of the next 10 new clients you see, how many would you expect to treat using an EBT (0–10)? .78 6.92 2.95 0–10