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Table 1 The primary and secondary exclusion criteria and search terms for the primary search

From: Understanding the implementation of interventions to improve the management of chronic kidney disease in primary care: a rapid realist review

Primary exclusion criteria
 • Studies not written in English
 • Studies that include participants which are not human
 • Studies where the primary focus was not on the management of kidney disease
 • Studies which focussed on participants on renal replacement therapy
 • Studies which were letters, notes, conference abstracts or reviews only
Secondary exclusion criteria
 • Studies where there was no description of any intervention
 • Studies that did not report any clinical outcomes or results
 • Studies where there were no primary care elements
 • Unable to obtain further information to make assessment
Search terms used
 ((Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD) and (intervention or interventions or tool or tools or strategy or strategies or project or projects or model or models or scheme or schemes or quality improvement or quality improvements) and (Primary care or family practice or general practice))