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Table 1 Sampling framework for case studies

From: Study protocol: DEcisions in health Care to Introduce or Diffuse innovations using Evidence (DECIDE)

Innovation case study Setting Innovation stage Evidence Context
1. Reconfiguring stroke services Acute; Greater Manchester (GM) and other areas reviewing services Diffusion ‘Strong’; research shows improvements in mortality in London [18, 19] Major system change; involves multiple providers and commissioners
2. New national guidance on referral for suspected cancer Primary care; GP practices in two local health economies with different mix of actors supporting implementation (clinical networks, third sector) New ‘Inconclusive’; national guidance lowers referral threshold [22], with the aim of reducing emergency admissions and diagnosing at earlier stage Top-down change; responses of GPs and actors at local health economy level
3. New virtual clinics within extended network of eye services Acute/community outreach; clinics across large metropolitan area and surrounding region Diffusion ‘Weak’; local pilot data suggesting reduced patient journey time [26], but lack of patient outcome data and evidence for networked clinics Organisational network; from pilot to wider implementation of networked clinics